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where believers of various faith live together

Secular Madrasa is a concept envisaged to understand and to promote the ideals of every religion in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect. It serves as a platform facilitate its participants an opportunity for the healthy exchange of their religious vision and views. Participation in the secular madrasa ensures broadmindedness and oppenness towards other religions and cultures along with islam.

To understand and promote the ideals of every religion in a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.

Receprocity , mutual respect, tolerance, human integration etc are the basic features promoted by the madrasa. The madrasa has a significant place in the current arena of the world, especially, in indian society where believers of various faith live together. Man can dream of a better world only if, he is free from hatred and fear. The method of programme in secular madrasa would be depicting different kinds of topics of the relevant affairs with the help of the religious texts and scriptures. The primary aim of this madrasa is to promote an attitude among people "to live and let others live" peacefully across the world.

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Great Felicitation Speech delivered by Hussain Badri during the Elevation Cermony of CSI Immanuel Church as Cathedral at Broadyway, Ernakulam
Inauguration Ceremony at CSI Immanuel Cathedral Church, Broadyway, Ernakulam Welcome Speech at fast observance
Felicitation Speech by Advocate Adil Hussain for the release of Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil Dinner at CSI Immanuel Cathedral Church with Spiritual Leaders
Mathrubhumi News regarding the Elevation Cermony of CSI Immanuel Church as Cathedral at Broadyway, Ernakulam

Our Mission

We consider Arabic language as a thread for the unification of human being and humanitarianism. Anybody can learn Arabic language irrespective of religion, gender, nationality and class. Our Secular Madrasa is pledged to teach all holy books including the Quran, the Bible and the Gita as well as secular texts.

The most significant thing in the contemporary era is not religious competition for supremacy, but to practice the human values which are taught by all religions and prophets. Secular Madrasa’s policy is very clear: Increasing of the population to a particular religion has no significance; what essentially needed are the noble values such as truthfulness, justice, love, tolerance, and broadmindedness.

The claim and propaganda that my religion is the only path of salvation and truth will disturb the peace and tranquillity of the world. All civilized human beings would respect every religious Prophets and Scriptures.

Secular Religious Circle

Religious intolerance is not new. However, there is concern world-wide over the increasing amount, and increasingly violent nature, of such behaviour. Accordingly, there is understandably a renewed interest in fostering religiously tolerant environments in which individuals with differing religious perspectives can practice their faiths unencumbered. Many people think that only their religion is correct and provides the way to salvation. These exclusivists generally contend that they alone have the worldview that corresponds to reality. Doing propagation towards a particular religion, belittling others, will cause clashes; as such as a claim is universal. The core of religious belief is values which are universal for all; inviting all towards these commonality is the best attitude in this era of religious plurality.

World Religious Congress

Exclusivistic religious convictions have not only motivated impassioned behaviour in the past — behaviour that has affected significantly the lives of many — such convictions clearly continue to do so today. So to the extent that such exclusivistic behaviour is based on inadequate or fallacious reasoning, the continuing philosophical discussions of religious diversity that elucidate issues and assess arguments may be of great practical value.

Recommendations of Secular Madrasa

As part of our campaign “Mahals for Human Betterment”, Secular Madrassa is proposing certain suggestions for the various Religious organizations. The aim of these proposals is to develop religious fraternity and tolerance among the human society.

The major motive of Secular Madrassa behind these recommendations to the religious organizations is promotion of religious harmony and pluralism.

Holy Versus

Spoken Arabic Course

We organize special academic programs for aspirants of Arabic language and literature courses

Communication being the primary tool to lead a social life, a human being is in need of a language to communicate with other people around him or her. In the Middle East countries where Arabic leads the show normal communication is possible with colloquial Arabic or spoken Arabic.

Even for educated people who can handle English, Hindi or other such international languages, learning Arabic is a necessity to interact with the locales. Mastering the colloquial Arabic is not a dilemma for candidates with average caliber because of its simplicity. It does not need the students to learn Grammar including Tenses, gender, numbers, voice etc. You only need to have amble memory to store the Arabic vocabulary related to various context of life.


The vast experience of Ustad Hussain Badri in teaching Arabic language enables the students to communicate in the colloquial Arabic with less than sixteen days. With the wide exposure in the spoken Arabic communication in the Middle East, Moulavi Hussain Badri has the expertise to bring flexibility in the colloquial Arabic. Unlike many Arabic language programs taught in Kerala, Ustad Hussain Badri provides a flexible way of using the language as his experience taught him to teach the student without abiding by the subject object and verb agreement in the language. Though it is advisable to use Arabic scripts to learn Arabic language, one can even learn spoken Arabic without having knowledge in that.

We provide excellent coaching in secretarial Arabic-English translation and Arabic typing, we offer placement for those who complete the training.

Literal Arabic Course

We organize special academic programs for aspirants of Arabic language and literature courses

With a fast paced and focused growth pattern, Middle East is gradually becoming the centre of the world. The new developments in the west, including the BREXIT and unexpected outcome of the US elections enhanced this potential growth in a more effective way. These changes have imparted an inevitable position in the Arabic language among other languages. Religion, Politics, History or art: Arabic language offers a vast resource of literature and translated versions of those books many a time fail to represent the exact idea of the source. Thus, learning the Arabic language gains relevance in case of both academic and general domains.

Similarly, communications and documentations related to business or profession also require the knowledge of literary Arabic with immense knowledge in Reading, writing and listening. The Middle East has a lot to offer for Arabic, knowing professionals including doctors, engineers, IT professionals, lawyers etc. Even the embassies or consulates in the US, European countries, Australia, Newzealand etc. also do have opportunities for young people with accurate knowledge in Arabic language and literature. Other professionals in the Middle East, including Business executives, PROs, HRMs, company heads, etc. also are in need of knowing Arabic in order to interact with their subordinates. The media professionals also have a wide array of opportunities if they can express their views in Arabic language.

However, many of the available facilities to teach Arabic are not enough to support those professionals in the various sectors to enhance the possible opportunities in their respective fields. The primary goal of those institutes is limited to preparing students for certain government level examinations. Eventually, these students are framing themselves as evangelists of their respective religious ways or cults. The need of the hour is to have an Arabic learning program that enables students to lead a much more effective professional as well as business oriented life.


Hussain Badri’s Arabic academy gains relevance in this context. The academy has a deep routed linguistic curriculum in Arabic language and it promotes Arabic as a language of business instead of limiting the wide scope of language within the frame of religious aspects. Your religion, caste or gender has nothing to do with the academy if they are ready to learn the language. The course is instrumental to make you use your skills and expertise to the Middle East market. The flexible timings in the academy facilitate the students to learn business executives, employees, house wives, professionals etc. The quality of language grammar, including swarf and nahuvu taught in the Academy is as equal to the curriculum given by the leading Arabic colleges and madarassas across the state.

The faculty of the academy is led by Mr. Hussain Badri who has more than 25 years of Arabic grammar teaching experience. His expertise is framed by the authoritative knowledge of Sheikhuna K.M.Fareedudheen moulavi, who was instrumental in developing the language of many Arabic linguistic experts, journalists, poets etc. You will be given the same syllabus of Jaamiya Badriya in the academy. The academy, with its attitude to teach the Arabic grammar, Arabic books, etc. is a solution for the denial faced by the laymen to have madarassa education.


Can’t Resist the desire to have a hot Shawarma in Kochi ? Does a spicy Majboos call your attention on a hungry Noon ?

Now Kochi is Blessed with numerous Arabic Restaurants and Arabic Hotels that provide you with your favourite Arabic Cuisines and Arabic Delicacies. Such Hotels also let the guests Enjoy Arabic Songs and Arabic Dance performances.

The city also has been a favourite destination for Arabic Medicine for Patients and also for Arabic fragrances and Arabic perfumes.

The city has centers that help you to get Arabic Language Teaching and Arabic Classes. Usthad Hussain Badri's Arabic Academy near Kaloor is such a favourite destination for many students, the academy also provides guidance for Arabic Translation as well as Arabic Typing Services.

About Hussain

Leading arabic instructor

Hussain Badri is one of the rare personalities, who promote pluralism in a multi cultural and multi religious nation like India since 1989. He proved to be the secular face of a language where the monopoly of religious scholars reign for centuries. There is a notion in our country that Arabic is the language of Islam and so there maintained a deliberate ignorance towards the language. Instead, English was given a great preference. In fact, Arabic being an Asian language is closer to our culture than the language of invaders. It is the language of millions of non-Muslims live in the Middle East Asia and Africa. So, there is no point in sidelining it as a religious language. As a regional language, learning Arabic has a lot of advantages because the Middle East plays a critical role in developing the current economy of the world. With his liberal heart and secular mind Hussain Badri could take the Arabic language profile to another level in Kerala. He had trained a lot of personalities such as doctors, engineers, mariners, advocates and other professionals to achieve an exceptional knowledge in Arabic language. Read more about Ustad

Hussain Badri's Arabic Academy Since 1989

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